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Serving in a Port Security Unit

Port Security Units (PSU) are part of the Coast Guard’s Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) and have become the pinnacle of the national defense mission, which spawned the formation of the Coast Guard Reserve itself. PSUs need highly-motivated members in the boatswain’s mate (BM) and maritime enforcement specialist (ME) ratings to fill critical billets in Waterside and Shoreside Security Divisions, which are necessary to meet the Coast Guard’s readiness conditions for overseas deployments supporting maritime security operations.

Board and panels demystified: A peek behind the curtain

Getting selected by a board to the next higher pay grade or selected for assignment, advanced education or other programs by a panel can seem like a perplexing endeavor. Often times the board and panel process is perceived as secretive and mysterious. Therefore the following questions and answers are intended to help demystify the board process and give you a greater understanding of how to ensure that you and your record are properly prepared for the upcoming promotion year.

Tricare and You – Reservists injured or ill while on orders

When a Coast Guard Reserve member is performing duties on military orders, they are eligible for health care for the period of their service. Check out this week’s Tricare and You segment to see what your entitlements are and what steps you should take to ensure you’re covered.

Station Washington reservist sets high standard of accomplishment

“MK2 James Hardey is an outstanding example of adherence to the Coast Guard’s Core Value of devotion to duty and his drive and determination for professional development is an outstanding example of what can be accomplished to other reserve members,” notes ITC James Krise, the station’s Senior Enlisted Reserve Advisor.

Going against the grain

While a student at the University of Massachusetts, Susan Vance experienced the student protest movements against the Vietnam War that were part and parcel of campuses across the country.