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War of 1812: Historic Ship’s Company

Ship's company

Standing on the dock at Charlestown Navy Yard in Massachusetts, a seaman discusses shipboard life while effortlessly tying knots. Soon he’s joined by another crewmember regaling the crowd with descriptions of food storage at sea, back in 1812. Tugging on their red wool vests, the pair continues their storytelling while transporting the crowd back to a little known era in American history.

War of 1812: How the digital age helped unearth history

A replica revenue cutters' ensign

While the Coast Guard was aware prisoners of war had been taken captive during the War of 1812, there was uncertainty about the number of prisoners and details of their imprisonment. Until recently. Since the British burned the Treasury Building in 1814 during its attack on Washington, D.C., historical records from the Coast Guard’s predecessor Revenue Cutter Service had been lost. Thanks to the curiosity and meticulous research by a Coast Guard Auxiliary member, an Internet search yielded records kept by the British at their National Archives in Kew.

Memorial Day: Coast Guard stands tall to serve the US

The following article is being reprinted with permission from The Hill. The sun rises over Arlington National Cemetery Nov. 5, 2011. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley. Written by Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Bob Papp. As one of the five Armed Services, the Coast Guard has proudly stood the watch for

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War of 1812: Service expands missions

Two hundred years ago, the United States, independent for less than 30 years, went to war with Great Britain to preserve its economy, its way of life and its independence. Beginning in 2012 and continuing through 2015, the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard will commemorate the bicentennial of the War of

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100 years after Titanic, Ice Patrol ensures safety on the seas

Click on the above image to see a video about the International Ice Patrol. Video courtesy of ITV Meridian. Written by Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas McKenzie for Coast Guard Northeast. The Coast Guard enters its 99th year of patrolling the North Atlantic region, marking positions of icebergs much like the one that sank the

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War of 1812: Cutters thwart privateering

To best understand the environment in 1812, it’s worth looking at what was happening in our nation’s brown water ports and harbors as well as on the high seas. It’s been said that the War of 1812 was the second phase of the American Revolution.

History: Carl Christian von Paulsen & the establishment of Coast Guard aviation

2011 is the Centennial of Naval Aviation and will honor aviation pioneers in the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. The year-long celebration includes air shows, art exhibits, flyovers and tactical demonstrations nationwide. As part of our ongoing celebration of the centennial, we bring you the story of aviation pioneer Carl Christian von Paulsen. Lt.

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Remembering the Titanic 99 years later


Petty Officer 2nd Class Scott Baumgartner, a marine science technician with the International Ice Patrol, kneels on the ramp of a Coast Guard HC-130J from Air Station Elizabeth City, preparing to toss out one of three wreaths over the site where the Titanic sank. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Chief Petty Officer Bob Laura. The

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Harriet Lane fires first naval shot of the Civil War

Capt. Faunce

The Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane forces the merchant steamer Nashville to show its colors during the attack on Fort Sumter, April 13, 1861. "The Cutter Harriet Lane Fires Across the Bow of Nashville" by Coast Guard artist Howard Koslow. Written by William H. Thiesen, Coast Guard Atlantic Area Historian April 12th will mark the 150th

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