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North Pacific partnerships

Rear Adm. Joseph Castillo with China Border Control Department Maj. Gen. Kuanyou Xu and Lt. Col. Liang Xu at the North Pacific Coast Guard Forum’s most recent experts meeting. Photo courtesy of China Border Control Department. Written by Pacific Area International Affairs. The safety and economic security of maritime nations depends substantially upon the secure

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Healy breaks path to Nome

CGC Healy breaks ice for Russian tanker

UPDATE: Video of the ships breaking through the ice is available on YouTube and in the Coast Guard Visual Information Gallery. The Coast Guard Cutter Healy escorts the Russian-flagged tanker vessel Renda 250 miles south of Nome, Alaska, Jan. 6, 2012. The vessels are transiting through ice up to five-feet thick in this area. U.S.

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CGC Jarvis returns from international patrol

CGC Jarvis

Ensign Roger Nayden, CGC Jarvis Public Affairs Officer, contributed to this post  VLADIVOSTOK, Russia – CGC Jarvis crew poses with Coast Guard and maritime security counterparts from China, Japan, Russia and South Korea during international sports day, August 27, 2010. Sports day took place during the international Multilateral, Multi-mission Exercise. U.S. Coast Guard photo. Aloha

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Coast Guard intends to terminate Loran-C next month

(File photo from 1992) Loran Station Dana, Indiana. The unit's mission is to transmit Loran-C navigation signals into the Northeast United States and Great Lakes chain. (File photo from 2000) Electronics Technician 1st Class (ET1) Damon Raley performs a routine system check at Loran Station Kodiak. (USCG photo by PA1 Keith Alholm) At 2000 GMT

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itCG-CGC Zephyr returns to port, boat fire, building international relations

CGC Zephyr returned to homeport in Pascagoula, Mississippi, yesterday after a 46-day patrol. While underway, the cutter patrolled approximately 6,300 square miles and boarded 56 commercial fishing vessels. Fisheries boardings check for compliance with federal laws and regulations as well as fishing and safety equipment. The cutter also assisted with the apprehension of eight illegal

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itCG-29 migrants detained, drug smuggling suspects charged, CGC Sycamore’s in Russia, CGA soccer

Coast Guard worked with Border Patrol agents yesterday to apprehend 29 suspected illegal migrants off the coast of Southern California. One boat made it to shore and six people were taken into custody by Border Patrol. A Coast Guard helicopter spotted a second boat offshore where it was intercepted by Coast Guard Cutter Petrel. The

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