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The Long Blue Line: C.W. Lawrence—tamer of America’s maritime frontier and first PACAREA cutter

Painting of Captain Ottinger and crewmembers from the Lawrence putting down the mutiny on board the Challenge. (Coast Guard Collection)

The crew of the Lawrence, the Pacific’s first revenue cutter, put down mutinies, interdicted smugglers, saved vessels in distress, charted the California coast and tamed America’s maritime frontier, all in the vessels short 4-year lifetime.

Legacy of Light: Oldest west coast light marks ‘The Rock’

The 22-acre Alcatraz Island is visited by approximately 1,750,000 tourists a year. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Barry Bena.

The Alcatraz Lighthouse not only guides mariners through the San Francisco Bay but also welcomes tourists to the island that used to house America’s most notorious inmates. Alcatraz Island was first used for a fort and military prison before becoming the most famous and formidable federal penitentiary in the nation. Today, members of Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) San Francisco keep the famous Bay Area light shining.

This is my Coast Guard. This is my unit. This is my watch.


The month of April is designated Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and throughout the month Coast Guard Compass will highlight first-person accounts from men and women of the Coast Guard who are taking a stand against the crime of sexual assault. Our first account comes from Master Chief Petty Officer Devin R. Spencer, officer-in-charge of Station San Francisco, whose experience has taught him “It all starts at the top.”

Thankful for a safe crabbing season

Fishing boat at the dock

Thanksgiving crab is a San Francisco tradition. The steamed, spidery-red crustaceans have a spot on the dining room table right next to that big, gobbling bird. Crab is a delicacy, but the fishermen who go out in the heavy-winter seas and catch it are anything but delicate. The Department of Labor lists fishing as the most dangerous jobs in the country, and the Coast Guard is working to reduce risk through a safety initiative called Operation Safe Crab.

Shipmate of the Week – OSCS Douglas Samp

Senior Chief Samp

“Expert” is a title used to refer to someone who has the highest level of skill in a given arena. Well, Senior Chief Petty Officer Douglas Samp has mastered the craft of emergency response management and is an expert in the truest sense of the word. In fact, under Samp’s leadership, San Francisco units have responded to an astounding 1,883 search and rescue cases.

Guardian of the Week – SN Kristin Reger

Kristin Reger Lunkley

Post Written by Petty Officer 3rd Class Pamela Manns, public affairs specialist SAUSALITO, Calif. – Rear Adm. Joseph “Pepe” Castillo, 11th District commander, applauds Kristin Reger Lunkley, a former crewmember at Coast Guard Station Golden Gate, after presenting her with the Coast Guard Medal, Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010. U.S. Coast Guard photo by PA3 Pamela

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San Francisco’s Fleet Week celebrates sea service traditions

CGC Active at Fleet Week

With contributions from Coast Guard District 11 Public Affairs . Members of the Coast Guard honor platoon march toward Washington Square during the Italian Heritage Parade. This year's Fleet Week took place from October 7-12. Coast Guard photo by PA3 Erik Swanson. Originating from President Theodore Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet” in 1907, where 16 battleships

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People’s Choice – Coast Guard Photo Contest, Round 5

We are entering week five of the People’s Choice award for this year’s Coast Guard Photo Contest. We have put all the photos into the Coast Guard Flickr account under a set called “People’s Choice 2010.” Each photo links back to the Flickr set for you to easily share and comment on. Here is the

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itCG-Hurricane Ida warning, Coast Guard Island, Willamette pollution, sailboat escort

A Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter rescue crew hoists a man and his dog to safety after his 42-foot fishing vessel is disabled due to rough weather conditions 50 miles west of Clearwater, FL. Click the image for video of the rescue. Guardians from Air Station Clearwater hoisted a man and his

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