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Not always a vacation at Station Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Summertime is abuzz with boaters, swimmers and sunbathers enjoying the lake ringed by the towering Sierra Nevada. The crystal blue waters can lure water-goers into a false sense of security. Unpredictable mountain weather patterns can change rapidly, turning a calm outing on the lake into a rough day on the sea. High winds and eight-foot waves are not uncommon on Lake Tahoe.

itCG – search and rescue, zero fatalities on Tahoe in ’08-’09, Citizen’s Action Network, Trees for Troops

Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen with rescue swimmer Abram A. Heller. Heller was awarded the 2009 International Maritime Organization Bravery At Sea Award for single-handedly rescuing 8 people in Arctic waters in March 2008. Click the image to read more. Guardians from Station Golden Gate and Air Station San Francisco were able to save one

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