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‘Prepare for the worst, hope for the best’

Responding in hurricane

As Hurricane Isaac inched towards the Gulf Coast in August 2012, Petty Officer 2nd Class James Hockenberry was assigned to an aircrew tasked with relocating a Coast Guard helicopter outside of the storm’s path. Left behind were his wife and two boys. A flight mechanic at Air Station Orleans, Hockenberry’s duty to respond doesn’t stop when there is a storm on its way and he ensures his family is prepared well in advance of the storm first and foremost.

Brace for another active hurricane season


It may feel like Superstorm Sandy happened just yesterday, but this weekend already marks the first day of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasts we’re in for an above-average season, which means there is an extremely high probability of at least one major hurricane making landfall in the Gulf Coast and East Coast.

Responding in the wake of Isaac

Helicopters at the ready

As Hurricane Isaac made landfall on the eve of the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, local, state and federal responders were at the ready to provide aid and assistance to Gulf Coast communities. Over the past two days, the Coast Guard has rescued 17 people and two pets by helicopter in the greater New Orleans area.

2012 Atlantic hurricane season begins

Hurricane Season

Storm warning flags at Coast Guard Station South Padre Island are flown to warn mariners hurricane conditions are present in the area. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd class Tom Atkeson. The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season officially began last Friday, but two storm names have already been crossed off the list. Click on

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Make This Hurricane Season a Breeze

Tornado Alley Post Written By LTJG Ryan T. White In 1998, over the course of a typical afternoon a string of tornadoes hit middle Tennessee. Included was one storm that hit downtown Nashville. I was in the gymnasium at school practicing soccer with my team after class let out. The weather had been pretty nasty

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itCG-going green, VIP tours Woods Hole, more tropical storm activity

Looks like we are starting to go from orange to “green” as several of our units turn to environmentally friendly technology. Over the weekend, there have been a few articles about our use of “green” equipment and products for base projects. One over at CG Air Station Elizabeth City and another at CG Training Center

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