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TRICARE and You: Coast Guard Special Needs Program and Assignment Coordination

The Special Needs Program provides a comprehensive, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to community support, housing, medical, educational, and personnel services for Coast Guard families with special needs. The program works hand-in-hand with Coast Guard medical and military personnel officials and addresses potential conflicts between locations of duty assignments and the availability of resources to accommodate family members with unique medical, physical, psychological and educational needs.

TRICARE and You: Self referrals for substance abuse

Do you like to have a good time? Does that usually involve alcohol? Is it starting to cause problems for you? Dealing with alcohol problems can be difficult and many times, negative consequences can impact the whole family. We have learned a lot over the past decades on how to best help people struggling with ways to moderate their drinking and wanted to share a little about how to recognize you may need help and where to get it.

TRICARE and You: Dental program

Whether you are active duty, dependent, reservist or retiree, you are eligible for one of the TRICARE Dental programs. But unlike the TRICARE medical program, which has an automatic enrollment as long as you are registered in DEERS, you must take steps to enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program to get dental coverage. If you don’t enroll and pay the premium you will not have dental coverage.

TRICARE and You: Understanding the right of first refusal

Navigating the referral process for specialty medical care can be challenging for service members and their families. One of the items that frequently causes confusion is when you have a referral you think will be provided in the civilian sector, or are receiving care from a civilian provider, and are then drawn into a military medical facility.

Dialogue with the MCPOCG: TRICARE and you

The nation asks a lot of the Coast Guard, and in turn, your Coast Guard asks a lot of you. And, there are things that an organization owes its members if it’s going to ask so much from them: a safe and secure environment to work in; the resources to get the job done; the freedom to pursue individual goals; and a suite of entitlements to include competitive pay and access to adequate healthcare. Based on the vast variety of each individual’s or each family’s medical needs, arranging healthcare can be a complicated endeavor.