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Following historic footsteps to modern tradition

BM1 Keating

Atop the dunes, Petty Officer 1st Class Louis Keating Jr. realized what was about to happen and was handed a historic surf check – a brass tag surfman would carry during their beach patrols. He was then told to head north to complete a beach patrol walking in the footsteps of the heroes who came before him from the historic Pea Island Lifesaving Station.

Cadence Contest 2013: Old Man James

Cadence Contest 2013: Old Man James featured image

Fourteen. That’s the number of search and rescue cases that Petty Officer 1st Class Rick Bauz has worked where he and his crew couldn’t rescue everyone. If he’s asked how many cases he’s worked where he’s saved a life, he just shrugs and says “I don’t really count them because I was just doing my job.”

High side right

Into the surf

Thanks to all of your votes, the best Coast Guard marching cadence has been selected! Chief Petty Officer Cory Wadley, officer in charge of Coast Guard Station Morro Bay, Calif., wrote the original cadence that was selected as the best. Wadley is one of approximately 160 surfmen in the Coast Guard and serves at one of the 19 designated surf stations in the U.S.

In service to the light

In service to the light

Crewman of U.S. Lifesaving Service Station Umpqua River, Ore., in the station boat house in the 1890s. The two crewman are surrounded by lifesaving equipment of the era, and a remnant of the steamer vessel Tacoma, a famous shipwreck in the region, hangs above their heads. U.S. Coast Guard photo. Written by by Petty Officer

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