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The Long Blue Line: Juan del Castillo – Coast Guard officer and humanitarian

Juan del Castillo was a Coast Guardsman who distinguished himself in the service and in civilian life. From becoming the first Coast Guardsmen of Hispanic heritage to complete Reserve Officer Training, now known as Officer Candidate School, to inventing the formula for Corn Soy Milk, considered one of the most important high protein foods ever developed, del Castillo dedicated his life to helping others.

The Long Blue Line: Coast Guardsman Eliot Winslow, Nazi Johann-Heinrich Fehler and the surrender of U-234

This is the tale of two combat captains. Each of them shared a love for the sea, the ability to command a crew under extreme conditions, and a loyalty to their nation and its wartime cause. But at the same time, they fought on opposing sides of World War II.

Coast Guard Heroes: Forrest O. Rednour

Coast Guard Heroes: Forrest O. Rednour

As Escanaba moved in to pick up survivors, the men designated for this operation got the rescue equipment ready. Rednour was one of these men. Lines were cut and made ready for hauling helpless men aboard. Sea ladders were placed so that they would be readily available when needed. Heaving lines were made ready, the cargo net was dropped, ready for use, and Escanaba’s retrievers put on their rubber suits with lines made fast to them.